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Been busy lately

A lot has gone on at work. I mean, I've been actually going in lately. It's nice, I think, being consistent. Now that I've started sleeping again, I have a lot more energy during the day. I'd like to wean myself off of the pills, soon. Don't want to become too dependent.

I've been working today, as well, from home. Making some renovations for the company. Cutting a few hundred workers to keep the turnover rate steady and that kind of thing. It's tiring to be responsible for deciding who gets to keep their job and who doesn't, especially when I rarely work directly with those whom I cut.

Anyway, the work is a lot easier with the dog curled up at my feet, here. I didn't expect to like her so well, or for her to like me, but... I guess that's how things go.

Back to re-reading proposals for the billionth time. Oh well. That's what I get for having my name attached to a company, I suppose.
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